Exotic Summer (Created by Axel Sachem - Callebaut Chocolate Ambassador Belgium)

Chocolate Parfait

Ingredients Preparation
300 g sugar
100 g water
Heat to 121°C.
225 g egg yolks Beat as soon as the sugar is heated to 115°C.
Pour the heated mixture (121°C) on top of the whipped egg yolks.
Whisk cold.
200 g Callebaut dark chocolate 70-30-38NV Melt and blend in.
750 g cream Beat and blend in.
Fill the Demarle Flexipan mould (ref. 1054) with the parfait and freeze. Take out of mould at 18°C.
Spray with a mixture of cocoa butter and chocolate (50/50).

Mango Ice Cream

Ingredients Preparation
1000 g mango purée
1400 g whole milk
50 g powdered milk
Heat to 45°C. Possibly add a pinch of Cubébé pepper.
100 g dried glucose
300 g invert sugar
350 g S² sugar
Add and heat to 85°C.
350g Callebaut white chocolate W2NV
15 g stabilizer
Mix and allow to cool.
750 g cream Beat and blend in.
Grind and make into a quenelle or ice ball with an ice cream scoop. Place on the parfait and finish with a slice of meringue.

Stusel Puff Pastry

Ingredients Preparation
200 g mashed butter
200 g cane sugar
200 g flour
200 g
5 g coarse sea salt
Add and knead briefly to achieve a homogeneous batter.
Allow to cool in the refrigerator overnight. Press the puff pastry through an oven rack to make crumbs. Bake for 15 minutes at 200°C.

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