Framboisine (Created by Derrick Tu Tan Pho - Master Chocolatier and Pastry Chef)

Raspberry Coulis

Ingredients Preparation
215 g raspberry puree
10 g lemon juice
45 g sugar
11 g cornstarch
11 g sugar
Combine and add. Cook to 100°C (212°F) and take off
the stove.
26 g butter in powder form Callebaut® Mycryo®
10 g Grand Marnier

Raspberry in Grand Marnier

Ingredients Preparation
600 g fresh raspberries
100 g Grand Marnier
100 g simple syrup
Let the raspberries soak in the liquor and syrup for
minimum 3 hours.

Chocolate Cream

Ingredients Preparation
70 g syrup Bring to the boil.
70 g egg yolks Pour syrup over the egg yolks and whip up in the
mixer at the 3rd speed, like a pâte à bombe.
110 g melted dark chocolate Callebaut® Origine Sao Thomé SAOTHOME Fold in at 40°C (104°F).
360 g whipped cream Fold in lightly.

Tip: Replace the rasperries with oranges, mandarins or cherries.

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