Chocro-donut™ C-licious Recipe for 30 pieces (Created by Patrick Aubrion - Technical Advisor - CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Belgium)


Ingredients Preparation
1000 g flour
30 g butter
100 g melted butter
100 g granulated sugar
20 g salt
550 g water
50 g bread yeast
Knead until you obtain a smooth dough.
Add the water gradually.
Wrap well and put in the refrigerator for 3 hours at 5°C.
600 g butter in sheet (croissant butter) Spread at 2/3 of the rolled out dough. Fold the dough in 3.
Twice-fold in 3 times and leave to rest for 2 hours in the refrigerator at 5°C. Fold once more in 3 parts and roll out at 10 mm. Cut into 5 cm diameter circles. Keep cool at 5°C.
Leave to rise in the proofer. Deep-fry the dough in grapeseed oil for 4 minutes at 190°C.

Chocolate crémeux

Ingredients Preparation
67 g whole milk
134 g cream 35% fat
18 g glucose DE60
24 g egg yolks Beat. Pour the hot milk on the eggs and bring to a boil (85°C).
90 g Callebaut Callets Finest Belgian Chocolate 60-40-38-NV Pour the milk-egg mixture on the chocolate and mix well.
Leave to rest overnight in the refrigerator at 5°C.

Chocolate plates

Ingredients Preparation
600 g Callebaut® Callets™ Finest Belgian Chocolate 70-30-38NV Melt at 45°C and temper to 31°C. Pour on a plastic foil at 2 mm high. Cut out circles of 5 cm diameter.


Ingredients Preparation
Dark shavings Callebaut® CHD-SV
Cocoa powder Callebaut® CP
Decorate the chocolate plates with dark shavings Callebaut® CHD-SV and cocoa powder Callebaut® CP.

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