Chocolate mousse powder

Unrivalled on the market: the first chocolate mousse that really taste like home made while saving you time. The secret for their intense and authentic taste? The very high chocolate content in each of these Chocolate Mousse recipes. Furthermore their rich texture allows both piping in glasses and scooping “quenelles” on dessert plates. More good news: you can choose from a variety of delicious dark, milk or white chocolate mousses!

Chocolate Mousse Powder

Chocolate mousse powder
Description Name Ref. % Chocolate Packaging
Powder mix for instant preparation of dark chocolate mousse Dark Chocolate Mousse CHD-MO-D 75.0 % Bag 800 g
Powder mix for instant preparation of milk chocolate mousse Milk Chocolate Mousse CHM-MO-M 70.0 % Bag 800 g
Powder mix for instant preparation of white chocolate mousse White Chocolate Mousse CHW-MO-W 58.5 % Bag 800 g

Shelf life: dark and milk chocolate mousse powder 18 months after production date / white chocolate mousse powder 12 months after production date

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