Thanks to their rich and buttery flavour, pecan nuts offer a unique taste sensation.
Callebaut® selects carefully picked premium pecans from only the best crops in the world at precisely the right moment. By storing them in ideal conditions, the nuts keep their natural properties. The pecans are lightly roasted, processed into pure pecan taste and packed in only 12 hours after shelling. In this way we preserve the fresh nut taste in the pecans.


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Description Name Click to enlarge Ref. % nuts Packaging
Fine and pure paste of lightly roasted pecans
Lightly Roasted Pure Pecan Paste
100% pecans 1 kg bucket

Dark golden brown

Fresh, fruity pecan flavour with very light roasted hints

ice cream: flavouring
pastry: flavouring of interior
confectionery: filling
desserts: flavouring

Shelf life : 12 months after production date

Pecans are one of the most recent nut varieties to be introduced for commercial cultivation. Producing 80% to 95% of the total amount of pecans, the USA is the world leader with an average annual crop of 150–200 thousand tons from more than 10 million trees. The centre of pecan production is located in Georgia and Texas.

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