Hazelnuts & Almonds

For its nut mixes Callebaut® selects only premium quality hazelnuts and almonds from superior crops all around the world. We pick our nuts when they have reached the ideal ripeness, and caramelize, grind, conch and pack them within 12 hours after shelling. In this way Callebaut® guarantees the fresh nut taste in its almond & hazelnut pralines.

Hazelnuts & Almonds

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Description Name Click to enlarge Ref. % nuts Packaging
Praline from medium roasted almonds & hazelnuts
Almond & Hazelnut Praline
24% almonds – 24% hazelnuts - 52% sugar 5 kg bucket

Golden brown

Sweet roasted nut taste

ice cream: flavouring
bakery products: flavouring
pastry: flavouring of interior
confectionery: filling
desserts: flavouring

Shelf life : 12 months after production date

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