With no added sugar

Especially for confectioners who aim at offering a variety of filled chocolates, tablets or bars with the claim “no added sugar,” Callebaut has developed a range of ready-to-use fillings that have no added sugar in their recipes. In fact, the sugar has been replaced with the sweetener maltitol. You can choose from hazelnut pralines or fat based fillings. Their taste is nearly identical to the traditional products. The application possibilities and processing are completely identical to their traditional counterparts.

With no added sugar

With no added sugar
Description Name Ref. % Maltitol
Energy value
White filling with sweetener No sugar added FSW-L0040MAL 35.5 %
540 kcal/ 100 g (vs. 595 kcal/ 100 g ref. V00-H040-W)
5 kg cuvet
Hazelnut praliné with no added sugar No sugar added MALPRA 39.5 %
497 kcal/ 100g (vs. 532 kcal/ 100 g ref. PRA-CLAS)
30 kg bucket

Shelf life: 12 months after production date

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