Nut based

Callebaut selects premium grades of hazelnuts and almonds of Turkish and Californian origin. They are roasted, ground and caramelised into the fine, homogeneous nut pastes and pralines with the authentic taste Callebaut is renowned for. The range varies from pure, unsweetened hazelnut paste to sweet, traditional hazelnut, almond or mixed pralines. All these nut pastes are ideal for flavouring fillings.
Our giandujas and hazelnut crèmes combine fineness and convenience. These mixtures of chocolate and hazelnut paste are ready to use: just cut them or beat them into an aerated filling. The hazelnut creams are slightly softer in texture. Both giandujas and hazelnut crèmes make a great filling in moulded pralines or can be enrobed after cutting.

Nut based

Nut based
Description Name Ref. % Nuts Packaging
Pure unsweetened nut paste Nut filling PNP 100 % hazelnuts 5 kg bucket
Hazelnut praliné Nut filling PRA 50 % hazelnuts 5 kg bucket
Very fine hazelnut praliné Nut filling PRA-CLAS 50 % hazelnuts 1 and 5 kg bucket
Almond praliné Nut filling PRAMA 46.5 % almonds 5 kg bucket
Almond-Hazelnut praliné Nut filling PRAMANO 24 % almonds
24 % hazelnuts
5 kg bucket
Dark gianduja Nut filling GIA-D2 30 % hazelnuts Cuvet - 5 kg
Pale gianduja Nut filling GIA 25 % hazelnuts Cuvet - 5 kg
Dark hazelnut crème Nut filling NCD 42.5 % hazelnuts Cuvet - 5 kg
Pale hazelnut crème Nut filling NCB 40.5 % hazelnuts Cuvet - 5 kg

Shelf life: PNP, PRA, PRA-CLAS, PRAMA, PRAMANO 12 months after production date / GIA-D2, GIA, NCD, NCB 18 months after production date

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