ChocO’shine™ combines your choice of high quality ingredients with brilliant looks and amazing taste. When you taste ChocO’shine™, you will taste Callebaut chocolate. The ChocO’shine™ recipe is based on 41% chocolate, and not just on cocoa powder. Its unique composition is based on traditional home-made pastry glazing recipes. It guarantees perfect brilliance and has a balanced sweetness. It is also designed to save time. Just heat, and it’s ready to apply.
Irresistible as topping or glazing on bakery and pastry products, our Creme dell'Artigiano Bianca and Extra Bitter are creamy, great-tasting, ready-to-use and easy to apply.

Chocolate glazing

Chocolate glazing
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Description Name Based on Ref. Packaging
New Dark and brilliant chocolate glazing, ready-to-use ChocO’shine™ Dark 41% chocolate FWD-41CHOCSH 6 kg bucket
Dark, extra bitter glaze - non-hydro Creme dell'Artigiano Extra Bitter 25.5 % cocoa powder V21-OH35NV 6 kg, 10 kg or 25 kg bucket
Glaze with the look and taste of white chocolate - non-hydro Creme dell'Artigiano Bianca - V00-OH35-ITWNV 10 kg or 25 kg bucket

Shelf life:
Creme dell'Artigiano: 12 months after production date
ChocO’shine™ : not opened: 12 monthts after production date - once opened: 4 weeks (in its closed packaging and stored at 4-6°C)

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