Organic Fairtrade chocolate

Callebaut’s Organic Fairtrade chocolates offer pure goodness and authenticity in every sense: Fairtrade & organic certified. These chocolates have been produced with Fairtrade cocoa and sugar, bought directly from farmers in the South at common market prices. These farmers receive a supplementary premium for their crops, allowing them to grow a sustainable business, invest in equipment and so on. Callebaut’s Fairtrade chocolates are manufactured according to the same high standards and in the same way as our traditional range and are becoming increasingly appreciated by a rapidly growing number of consumers.

Organic Fairtrade chocolate

Organic Fairtrade chocolate
Description Name Ref. Liquidity Applications % Cocoa solids
% Milk solids
Dark organic Fairtrade chocolate BIO-FAIRTRADE CHD-P7142BNFT Liquidity 5 More info 70.0%
CalletsTM -
10 kg bag
Milk organic Fairtrade chocolate BIO-FAIRTRADE CHM-Q1223BFT* Liquidity 4 More info 38.1%
Block - 5 kg
White organic Fairtrade chocolate BIO-FAIRTRADE CHW-S2BFT* Liquidity 2 More info 28.8%
Block - 5 kg

Shelf life: dark chocolate 24 months after production date / milk chocolate 18 months after production date / white chocolate 12 months after production date
* for US/CND: Not NOP certified

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