Ice chocolates

Callebaut offers you a selection of chocolates, ideal for processing in ice cream preparations. Their high cocoa butter content guarantees quick hardening and a very flexible texture. So these chocolates will not crack when they harden on deep frozen applications. They are ideal for dipping and enrobing ice cream scoops, sticks, cakes or frozen desserts.

Ice chocolates

Ice chocolates
Description Name Ref. Liquidity Applications % Cocoa solids Packaging
Dark chocolate Ice-Choc ICE-45-DNV Liquidity 5 More info 56.4 Block - 5 kg
Milk Chocolate Ice-Choc ICE-45-MNV Liquidity 5 More info 40.8 Block - 5 kg
White Chocolate Ice-Choc ICE-50-WNV Liquidity 5 More info 38.5 Block - 5 kg
Dark Ice coating Ice Top Y11-K64 Liquidity 5 More info - 25 kg bucket

Shelf life: dark chocolate 24 months after production date / milk chocolate 18 months after production date / white chocolate and dark ice coating 12 months after production date

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