Chocolate for fountains

Is there anything more delicious and indulgent than warm, melted chocolate? That’s why Callebaut now offers its Chocolate for fountains. Their taste is 100% Callebaut, available in dark or milk chocolate, guaranteeing an intense and balanced taste. Furthermore, these chocolates are rich in cocoa butter, guaranteeing their high liquidity and runny character in fountains or fondue.

Chocolate for fountains

Chocolate for fountains
Description Ref. % Cocoa solids
% Milk solids
Dark chocolate for fountains with balanced taste between cocoa and sweet CHD-N811FOUNNV 57.6%
2.5 kg bag
Milk chocolate for fountains with balanced, caramelly taste CHM-N823FOUNNV 37.8%

Shelf life: dark chocolate 24 months after production date / milk chocolate 18 months after production date

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