• In-house blending and roasting

In-house blending and roasting

Callebaut® is one of the rare chocolate makers to blend and roast cocoa beans in-house. The expertise of our Master Blenders and Roasters, passed on from generation to generation, guarantees the perfect balance and consistency of taste you will experience in 811NV, 823NV and all other Callebaut® Finest Belgian Chocolates.


Our Master Blender meticulously makes a selection of cocoa bean varieties that will develop the body of the chocolate taste along with the top notes (flavours) in the chocolate. By composing the exact blend of the different varieties we guarantee the consistent taste you have been experiencing for the last 100 years in each Finest Belgian Chocolate.

After blending, it is time to roast the cocoa beans. Traditionally, each variety of cocoa bean requires its own roasting time and temperature to fully develop its potential for flavour and aroma. So when roasting a blend of cocoa beans the roasting expertise of our Master Roaster is essential to preserve the best of the different varieties in the blend. The cocoa beans are roasted in their shells to preserve even the most delicate flavours and aromas.
The roasted blend of cocoa beans is then finely ground into cocoa mass, and is now ready to form the heart and soul of your Finest Belgian Chocolate.

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