Depending on the type and the recipe, Callebaut chocolates may contain several vitamins which help in obtaining the recommended daily allowance. The following are the most important:

Name % RDA* per
100 g
In which
Vitamin A 2 - 9.1% Mostly found in milk and white chocolate, and to a lesser extent in dark chocolate.
  • necessary to build up resistance
  • promotes vision
  • helps in balanced growth
  • plays a role in maintaining the healthy condition of he skin, the surface of the eye, the gums and the hair
Vitamin B-
B1: 7%
B2: 12 - 25% B3: 1 - 6%
B5: 8 - 11%
B11: 7 - 8%
B12: 0 - 100%
Cocoa and dark chocolate contain vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 and B11. Milk and white chocolate contain an exceptionally large amount of B12 from the milk powders added to the recipe.
  • ensures, in combination with other vitamins, the release of energy from food and the formation of the body's building blocks
Vitamin D ± 32 - 36% In dark, milk and white chocolate.
  • necessary to build and maintain strong teeth and bones
  • promotes the uptake of calcium and phosphorus in the body
  • plays a role in maintaining the immune system
Vitamin E ± 25 - 35% In dark, milk and white chocolate.
  • necessary for the production of red blood cells and in building muscle and other tissue
  • has antioxidant properties: protects polyunsaturated fatty acids against oxidation
  • protects cell walls

* Recommended Daily Allowance

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