Chocolate Ambassadors

The Chocolate Ambassadors form a vibrant network that brings together chefs, pastry chefs, master bakers and confectioners of international reputation. They share a common mission: to transfer know-how in Callebaut chocolate and processing techniques to other craftsmen all over the world. You can meet the Chocolate Ambassadors at Callebaut trade fairs, specialist courses, demonstrations and seminars where they supplement the work of the Academies and Technical Advisors.

The Chocolate Ambassadors support us in the development of new products, product concepts, packaging, recipes and training events too. Their feedback keeps us in touch with today’s professional expectations to best address your needs.

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Chocolate Ambassadors


Marc Pauquet
Marc Pauquet
Divan AS Istanbul

Corporate Pastry Chef and Pastry Production Manager
Confectionery, bakery
Pastry, confectionery

1993: Created the Dessert for the “Joyeuse Entrée” of SAR Albert II, King of Belgium

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