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The basics of working with chocolate

Choosing the liquidity of your chocolate

What is liquidity? What are the differences and how can you recognize them?

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Why is liquidity so important?

Because it will determine the density of the coating shell and the crunch of chocolate products: the more liquid your chocolate, the thinner and the crunchier the coating shell.

liquidity chocolate shell

Because this is a time-saver: you can fill large moulds in one go with chocolate that is less liquid. With a more liquid chocolate, you will need to fill your mould with chocolate 2 to 3 times.

liquidity fill the mould

Why is it so important to pre-crystallize chocolate properly?

Because it helps chocolate harden, and gives it an even sheen and crunch.

sheen crunch

Because it gives chocolate with shrinking force, which is indispensable to help unmould chocolate from moulds.

shrinking force

Because chocolate that has not been crystallized or has been badly crystallized will turn grey and lack sheen.

turn grey and lack sheen

More about this

Why pre-crystallize chocolate?

Looking for a hard,crunchy & glossy finished product? Then you need to pre- crystallize your chocolate!

Why is it not sufficient to melt chocolate?

When working with melted chocolate you will not obtain a perfect result.

Pre-crystallizing in the melting pot

How to rapidly and efficiently pre-crystallize chocolate with Callets™.

Pre-crystallization in the microwave

Ideal when you only need a small quantity of chocolate.

Pre-crystallization in the tempering machine

Ideal when you require large quantities of choco- late. Here too Callets™ are the ideal solution.

Pre-crystallization on your work table

The most classic way to pre-crystallize chocolate. How does it work? What to look out for?

Is chocolate undercrystallized?

In case of an insufficient quantity of stable crystals, your final product will display defects!

Is chocolate overcrystallized?

Working with chocolate that contains too many crystals will also cause problems.

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