New Chocolate Products with Real Fruit Powders

To meet the growing demand for new and exciting taste experiences and healthier, functional foods, Barry Callebaut today introduced a new line of products with real fruit powders for the North American market.

The new products, which bring together the creamy taste of white chocolate with the fresh sensation of fruit, are made with real fruit powder from natural fruit juice concentrate, contain no artificial colors or flavors, and are available in the following varieties:

White Chocolate and Fruit: Crafted with premium white chocolate with 100 percent real cocoa butter and real fruit powder, White Chocolate and Fruit products are available in a wide range of fruit varieties, including strawberry, raspberry, lime, orange, passion fruit, blueberry and cranberry.

Yogurt Compound and Fruit: New Yogurt Compound and Fruit products feature real fruit powder in a natural vanilla compound and are available in a range of fruit varieties, including strawberry, blueberry and raspberry.  In addition, these products do not require tempering and therefore are ideal for companies that do not have tempering abilities or temperature controlled distribution channels.

White Compound and Fruit: White Compound and Fruit products are available with real fruit powder in strawberry and orange fruit varieties and also do not require tempering.

"Barry Callebaut developed these products to help food manufacturers and confectioners extend the chocolate selling season and to meet the growing demand of their customers who are looking for interesting flavor profiles," said Rich Benson, Director of Research and Development for Barry Callebaut North America.  "While these products can be utilized year-round, the added freshness of real fruit presents exciting new possibilities for the spring and summer selling seasons."

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