Jean Pierre Wybauw recieves an award for his books

Jean-Pierre Wybauw, one of the world’s most renowned chocolate confectioners and top demonstrator for chocolate manufacturer Callebaut, presents his brand new chocolate book: “Fine chocolates 2: Great Ganache Experience”.

Fine chocolates 2 is the final piece of a chocolate trilogy that Wybauw assembled over the last three years. In his first book, worldwide bestseller “Fine chocolates”, he gave away all the secrets of the famous Belgian chocolates. A practical manual, this title tells you everything you need to know about chocolate and sugar processing, rheology and shelf life. It features more than 100 mouth-watering and original chocolate recipes.

The second book, Chocolate decorations, contains dozens of tips and tricks, showing what more can be done with chocolate besides making wonderful pralines. 

In the final book, “Fine chocolates 2 – great ganache experience”, Wybauw brings more tantalizing delicacies with ganache fillings and gives dozens of tips and tricks to make the most delicious fine chocolates. All this is illustrated with wonderful photographs of renowned food photographer Frank Croes. It’s a practical manual for the chocolate professional, as well as a great source of ideas for the chocolate lover and foody.

“Fine chocolate 2 – Great Ganache Experience”
224 p
230 x 270 mm
59.95 €
November 2007
photography Frank Croes
Lay-out Maarten Pollet

Jean Pierre Wybauw gelauwerd
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