No one will resist the Callets sensation now!

If chocolate lovers were not already seduced by Callebaut’s Callets™ sensation, now they will not be able to resist them any longer. Sure, their delicate pearly shape, their brilliance and their 100% chocolate taste still remain highly seductive. But now, Callebaut presents the Callets™ sensation in two additional flavours. And in an exclusive 60 g gift box!

Callets™ sensation – excellence in looks and taste
With Callets™ sensation, Callebaut offers chocolate professionals a product that makes quite a difference. This range of ready-to-serve or ready-to-sell chocolate delicacies excels in refined, natural looks.

Callets™ sensation, naturally shaped & brilliant like pearls
Callets™ sensation are like pearls in 100% chocolate. With their small, beautiful, round shape and incomparably deep, natural shine, they have an authentic, hand-made character: no two Callets™ sensation are the same in size or shape.
Furthermore their remarkably deep shine is obtained by 100% natural processing – without the use of any shining agents.

Two new flavours combined with a Callebaut classic
Besides the classic three varieties that were already available – Dark / Milk / Marbled (a mix of dark and white chocolate) – Callebaut now adds three brand new flavours to the range:

* Callets™ sensation Caramel
Milk chocolate pearls made with milk Callebaut chocolate Select 823 and that luscious dash of real caramel, adding the taste of sweet butter toffee.
Available as of November 2007.

* Callets™ sensation Cappuccino
Shiny pearls of Callebaut’s milk chocolate Select 823 mixed with strong coffee for an extra exciting, Latin flavour!
Available as of November 2007.

Callets sensation gift box

A new, exclusive gift box
Two of the bestsellers in the Callets™ sensation range now come in an exclusive gift box, containing 60 g of the exclusive pearls. The box is the perfect resale item for bakery, pastry, confectionery or gourmet shops. And it’s the ultimate gift box or self-indulgence item for their customers.

The small gift boxes are presented per 20 in an eye-catching table top dispenser. Quick sell-out guaranteed!

The Callets™ sensation Milk and Marbled will be available in this new resale packaging.

Hot chocolate with Callets™ sensation

Callets™ sensation, ready for so many applications

* An indulgent coffee snack

Callets™ sensation are the ideal accompanying snack for coffee or tea breaks. Pure natural indulgence!

* Hot chocolate with Callets™ sensation
Make a difference in serving hot chocolate: let your customers stir and melt the Callets™ sensation into their hot milk themselves, to create an original and super delicious “hot chocolate.” Your customers will be thrilled with the idea! And with the purity of the taste.

* A refined finishing touch for desserts and pastry
The Callets™ sensation not only tastes great. It has the shine and the looks! It is the perfect decoration for desserts and pastries.

* Ideal for resale
Offer the Callets™ sensation to your customers – packed in cellophane blisters, or ready for resale in the new 60 g-gift box.

Technical specifications

Type Product name Min. %

Min. %

CalletsTM sensation Dark CHD-SC-811NV-556  51.9  - 2.5 kg bag 
CalletsTM sensation Milk  CHM-SC-823NV-556  33.6  21.8  2.5 kg bag 
CalletsTM sensation Marbled  CHM-SC-WDNV-556  - 2.5 kg bag 
CalletsTM sensation Caramel  CHF-SC-CARA-556  31.2  27.3  2.5 kg bag 
CalletsTM sensation Cappuccino  CHF-SC-CAPPU-556  30.8  22.5  2.5 kg bag 
CalletsTM sensation Milk - gift box  CHM-SC-823NV-M04  33.6  21.8  20 x 60 g
gift box in display 
CalletsTM sensation Marbled - gift box  CHM-SC-WDNV-M04  20 x 60 g
gift box in
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