It's amazing what you can do with Callebaut's ready-to-use dessert range

Imagine desserts that taste like home made while offering maximum efficiency. Or think of a wide choice in desserts on the menu without the burden of all the extra work…
That all becomes possible with Callebaut’s new range of instant dessert products for hotels, restaurants and caterers!

Facing the new challenges: less staff – higher/better output
As chocolate expert and partner of pastry chefs and confectioners for some 10 decades already, Callebaut has been constantly looking for better and more convenient products. However the catering business is different from pastry or confectionery business, they are all faced with the same challenges.
By force of circumstances, they have to work with smaller staff and need to develop bigger businesses!.
In short: lead times to get all the work done become shorter and shorter. And the quality of the work must surprise the audience that is more demanding than ever before.

All the taste – not all the work
Many chefs today require high quality products with which they can create guaranteed good results and that allow savings in preparation time. To respond to this need, Callebaut came up with a great solution after thorough testing, improving and finetuning. Today the brand proudly presents a new range of instant dessert products that makes no compromise in taste, yet makes life of chefs a lot easier.

Chocolate Mousse


Two delicious varieties to convince every gourmet
Callebaut’s powder mix for Chocolate Mousses are ready for every chef’s creativity. Discover the first chocolate mousses that really taste like home made! And what’s more: they are ready in 1, 2, 3!
1. Mix with milk
2. Beat for 5 min.
3. Cool for 2 hours
Their taste and texture is incomparably rich thanks to their high content in Callebaut chocolate. And the best of all: they will be available in 2 delicious varieties:

Mix for White Chocolate Mousse
• Contains 58.5% Callebaut white chocolate
• Creamy white colour
• Full creamy white chocolate taste with sweet hints of caramel

Mix for Milk Chocolate Mousse
• Made with at least 70.0% Callebaut milk chocolate
• Lighter, warm brown colour
• Sweet, creamy milk chocolate taste

Name Description % chocolate Ref. Packaging
White Chocolate
Powder mix for
instant preparation of
white chocolate mousse
58.5 CHW-MO-W-X27 Bag 800 g
Milk Chocolate
Powder mix for
instant preparation of
milk chocolate mousse
70.0 CHM-MO-M-X27 Bag 800 g
Chocolate sauce


The indulgence of pure Callebaut chocolate, ready for your desserts!
Callebaut has put all the best of its chocolates in a delicious, dark chocolate sauce – made with 33.5% dark Callebaut chocolate!
It is the ideal luxury treat on ice cream desserts, cakes, crèmes.. And it is pure convenience for Chefs! It just needs heat au bain marie or in the microwave… and it’s ready to serve.
Furthermore, this chocolate sauce has the ideal texture that allows great precision in serving. 

Callebaut Chocolate Sauce comes in 2 convenient packagings:

Bottle 1 kg:
• Ideal for kitchens serving higher volumes of desserts!
• Top down bottle: always ready for direct use
• Handy until the last portion: it avoids waste residues!
• Heat the bottle directly in a bain-marie or in the microwave.

Sachets 50 g:
• Handy to manage requests for individual desserts.
• Always the perfect dose: 1 sachet = 1 portion = 50 g
• Quick and clean: ideal for heating in bain-marie or microwave, cut off a tip of the sachet and serve!

Name Description Ref. Packaging
Dark Chocolate Sauce Dessert sauce with min. 33.5% 
dark Callebaut chocolate – for warm use
TOD-6012CHOC-Z38 Bottle 1 kg
  Dessert sauce with min. 33.5% 
dark Callebaut chocolate – for warm use
TOD-6012CHOC-Z39 Box with 
30 sachets x 50 g

The hot or cool finishing touch in three natural & delicious flavours!
With the three Callebaut Toppings you have a world of choice for the finishing of your desserts. With their natural tastes they are the perfect complement to your desserts. And with their unique composition and high content of noble ingredients like fruits, cocoa or pure caramel, they taste and feel like home made.

They offer a rich, homogenous and natural mouth feel – no “jelly”-like texture! It even allows you to measure them out with great precision – or even to decorate with graphics and structures.

Furthermore Callebaut Toppings are developed for great flexibility: served cool, they add a colourful and tasty finishing touch. And their texture remains runny enough to serve with precision.

Served warm, they add pure indulgence! Heating goes easy: in the bain-marie or in the microwave! Furthermore, the special packaging is hygienic and handy until the last portion. Kept top down, it’s there – ready and within reach whenever Chefs need it.

With Callebaut Topping Chefs can now easily maintain the same high quality, every time again. Even when there’s a rush, they offer maximum taste and convenience… and allow to respond to every customer’s preferred flavour:

Dark Chocolate Flavour Topping
• Intense & bittersweet chocolate taste: high in cocoa
• Attractive deep and dark colour
• Very smooth, rich and creamy mouth feel

Red Fruit Topping
• Rich in fruit– and you taste it: contains 17% red currants and 10.5% raspberries! It has a very fruity, sweet and sour taste!
• Vivid, fresh red colour
• Juicy, thick and rich texture

Caramel Topping
• 100% true and pure caramel: overwhelming butter toffee flavour!
• Appealing warm golden brown colour
• Rich, fluid texture and mouth feel – runny enough for easy measuring out and processing

Name Description Ref. Packaging
Dark Chocolate
Flavour Topping
Topping with distinct dark
chocolate flavour – for warm and
cold use
TOD-6022-Z38 Bottle 1 kg
Caramel Topping Topping with true caramel – for warm
and cold use
TOF-6042CARA-Z38 Bottle 1 kg
Red Fruit Topping Topping with red currants and
raspberries – for warm and cold use
TOF-60004RF-Z38 Bottle 1 kg
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