Pure seduction!

Callebaut's new CalletsTM Sensation

One glance at Callebaut’s brand new Callets™ sensation is enough to be seduced! Their delicate pearly shape and their brilliance tell you in advance what makes them truly irresistible: their 100% Callebaut chocolate taste.

Callets™ sensation – excellence in looks and in taste, ready to serve or sell
With Callets™ sensation, Callebaut offers chocolate professionals a new product that makes quite a difference. This range of ready-to-serve or ready-to-sell chocolate delicacies excels in refined, natural looks. Moreover the Callets™ sensation have the chocolate taste of the great Callebaut classics!

Callets™ sensation, naturally shaped & brilliant like pearls
Callets™ sensation are like pearls in 100% chocolate. With their small, beautiful, round shape and incomparably deep, natural shine, they have an authentic, hand-made character: no two Callets™ sensation are the same in size or shape.
Furthermore their remarkably deep shine is obtained by 100% natural processing – without the use of any shining agents.

Callets sensation

Callets™ sensation, a tasty variety – made with Callebaut’s chocolate classics
The Callets™ sensation are available in three delicious varieties: dark, milk or a mix of white and dark chocolate. Each variety is made with a classic Callebaut chocolate, renowned and appreciated worldwide for taste and superb quality. All these chocolates contain only natural vanilla and are produced with 100% cocoa butter.

* Dark Callets™ sensation
Dark chocolate pearls made with 100% dark Callebaut chocolate Select 811NVBO4. They have a well-balanced, bitter cocoa taste.

* Milk Callets™ sensation
Never was milk chocolate so seductive! Made with 100% milk Callebaut chocolate Select 823NV. The taste is a perfect balance of milk, cocoa and caramel touches.

* Marbled Callets™ sensation
Simply sensational, offering the best of both worlds! The mix of dark Callebaut chocolate and white Callebaut creates an irresistible, marbled look (Select 811NVBO4 + Select W2NV). And their taste? Unique, combining intense cocoa with smooth creaminess!

Callets™ sensation, ready for so many applications

* An indulgent coffee snack
Callets™ sensation are the ideal accompanying snack for coffee or tea breaks. Pure natural indulgence!

* Hot chocolate with Callets™ sensation
Make a difference in serving hot chocolate: let your customers stir and melt Callets™ sensation into their hot milk themselves, to create an original and super delicious “hot chocolate.” Your customers will be thrilled with the idea! And with the purity of the taste.

* A refined finishing touch for desserts and pastry
Callets™ sensation are so elegant, they are the perfect decoration for desserts and pastries. The time gained is tremendous!

* SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER – sachets and seals
For every first order of Callets™ sensation, Callebaut provides the cellophane blisters and quality stickers to seal the blisters FOR FREE! Presenting the product this way guarantees a sell out!

Technical specifications

Type Product name Min. % cocoa solids Min. % milk solids Packaging
Callets sensation Dark CHD-SC-811NV-556 51.9 - 2.5 kg bag
Callets sensation Milk CHM-SC-823NV-556 33.6 21.8 2.5 kg bag
Callets sensation Marbled CHM-SC-WDNV-556 - - 2.5 kg bag


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