Hot single portions in less than a minute!

* 1 tbsp. milk or cream

* 2 tbsp. dark chocolate (Callebaut Callets 811NV) or
* 2 tbsp. milk chocolate (Callebaut Callets 823NV) or
* 2 tbsp. white chocolate (Callebaut Callets WNV or W2NV)

Put the chocolate with 1 tablespoon of milk (or cream for a softer, creamier sauce) in a small sauce jug. 
Place in the microwave for 10 seconds on 800W. Stir briskly, heat again in the microwave for 10 seconds, a final stir and... it's ready! 
Serve separately in the sauce jug with waffles, pancakes, ice cream...

Hot sauces in a range of colours and tastes

* 100g cream (40%)
* 20g butter

Depending on the type of sauce you wish to make you may choose between:
* 80g dark chocolate (Callebaut 811NV) or
* 100g milk chocolate (Callebaut 823NV) or
* 100g white chocolate (Callebaut WNV of W2NV) or
* 100g Callebaut ORANGE or Callebaut STRAWBERRY or Callebaut LEMON coloured coating or
* 100g Callebaut CARAMEL flavoured chocolate.

Bring the cream to the boil and remove from the heat.
Melt the chocolate pieces into the cream and finish with a knob of butter.
Serve immediately with waffles, pancakes, fruit desserts and mousses, or keep warm in a bain marie. A brief re-heating in the microwave is also possible!

Cold chocolate sauces

For cold sauces you can use exactly the same ingredients in the same proportions as for the hot sauces above, but increase the quantity of cream by 40% (100g cream becomes 140g).

Follow the same method as for the hot sauces above.
Refrigerate the sauce, and serve with fruit desserts, mousses, ices... Also delicious as a cool contrast with hot desserts and snacks like pancakes, waffles or warm chocolate cake.

Ready-to-use sauces

Callebaut's Creme a la Carte range offers a group of products based on white chocolate, cream and alcohol. They include: Basic (neutral), Cointreau, Marc de Champagne and Tia-Coffee.
They need only gentle heating (to a maximum of 29°C) to be ready to serve with a dessert.

Other possibilities: 
Naturally Callebaut's wide range of other products offer infinite possibilities for sauce preparations for desserts and in the kitchen generally: we offer gianduja chocolate, nut pastes with hazelnut and almond...

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