Dark decorative sponge for pastries and desserts

Sponge and Dough:

This sponge is light and resilient and should be rolled out thinly. It is ideal for setting off the edges of cakes or desserts, and can carry the structure of a cake without breaking or sagging.

Callebaut cocoa or chocolate powders are the usual choice for flavouring the decorative sponge mixture, adding intensity to the taste and richness to the colour. 

For a particularly attractive and surprisingly crunchy effect, try working a quantity (±10%) of heat resistant chocolate drops into the mixture at the end of the preparation. They withstand the oven heat and fill the sponge with small pieces of crispy chocolate. They can also be added to cookies and cake mixtures.

Which Callebaut products are best suited to flavouring sponge and dough?

1. Heat resistant chocolate drops
These are ideal for the preparation of very elegant and light sponge with an intense chocolate note, and they give a pleasing crunchy effect to the mixture.

2. Powders
The lightest sponge mixtures can be flavoured with Callebaut cocoa or chocolate powders. 

* See our product information pages on this website for further details. 

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