Chocolate fans


* marble at room temperature (20°C)
* triangular palette knife
* tempered chocolate
* stainless steel plate supplied with paper

Step 1

Temper the chocolate and pour some of it on to the marble.

Step 1
Step 2

Spread the chocolate out thickly and evenly with the triangular palette knife.

Step 2
Step 3

Allow the chocolate to harden until it feels dry to the touch (not too long!).

Step 4

Trim the edges of the chocolate with the side of the palette knife and scrape them away.

Step 5

Stick the palette knife under the chocolate layer at a slight angle. Push the broad palette knife quickly and firmly forwards and then slightly backwards. During this movement hold the chocolate with a finger against one side of the palette knife.

Step 5
Step 6

This creates a corrugated fan with one short and one wide side. Scoop this up and lay it to harden on the paper. Allow to harden further. These fans look good on the edges of pastries or cakes or when used as chocolate decorations on a dessert plate.

Step 6
Which chocolates are best suited to make these decorations?

All chocolates with a basic viscosity ():
Any chocolate with a basic viscosity () will deliver outstanding results. They have the right fluidity to create decorations with a perfect thickness. Above all, these basic types are very easy to work with.
Do you want to create fine, filmy decorations? Then you should choose the chocolate types with a higher (2% to 3% more) cocoa butter content. You can identify these by the number 2 or 3 before the basic code ().


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