Summer Nest (Created by Marc Ducobu - Chef and Managing Director of Patisserie Ducobu - Waterloo, Callebaut Chocolate Ambassador Belgium)

Summer Nest

‘Misérable’ Sponge Cake

Ingredients Preparation
225 g egg whites
45 g sugar
Beat until light and fluffy.
250 g icing sugar
250 g pure ground almonds
45 g flour
Bake on a baking sheet 30/20 at 180°C for 15-20 minutes.

Exotic Mousse

Ingredients Preparation
100 g egg whites
160 g sugar
Make an Italian meringue.
400 g fresh cream
20 g powdered gelatine
100 g water
485 g Boiron Exotic Fruit Purée
Add half of the purée to the cream. Add the other half, together with the soaked gelatine to the meringue. Mix everything together.
Pour into a frame and cut to the desired size.

White Chocolate Mousse

Ingredients Preparation
240 g syrup Bring to the boil.
144 g egg yolks Add and whip into a ‘pâte à bombe’. Leave to cool to 30°C.
430 g white chocolate Callebaut Select W2NV
3 sheets of gelatine
Melt the chocolate and add to the gelatine.
800 g fresh cream Whip and fold in.

This recipe was created with an IBC mould (ref. E01 011 VIERKRON6).

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