Fraise Fortina (A creation of Louis Briffaerts and Godelieve De Vliegher • Patisserie Wittamer Brussels)

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Chocolate mousse

Ingredients Preparation
125 g whipped cream
70 g invert sugar
125 g egg yolks
Make custard.
450 g dark chocolate Callebaut Finest Selection Fortina CHD-Q6539FORNV Sieve the mixture and pour
over the chocolate. Mix cold to approx. 45-50°C.
600 g semi-whipped cream Add and carefully fold in.

Strawberry mousse

Ingredients Preparation
1000 g sugar
400 g water
Boil to 120°C.
1000 g egg whites Whisk, add and mix cold to 30°C (Italian meringue).
1000 g semi-whipped cream
3000 g strawberry pulp (10% sugar)
100 g soaked gelatine
100 g lemon juice
Mix with half of the meringue.
1000 g semi-whipped cream Mix with the other half of the meringue.
Add both mixtures to bowl and mix.

Alba biscuit

Ingredients Preparation
300 g egg yolks
225 g egg whites
750 g broyage Add and mix.
225 g flour Sieve and mix.
675 g egg whites
225 g sugar
Whisk and fold into the mixture.
Roll out 550 g of the dough on a 40x60 cm sheet and bake at 180°C. Then drizzle the baked dough with strawberry coulis.

Strawberry coulis

Ingredients Preparation
1 L strawberry juice
300 g sugar

Almond biscuit

Ingredients Preparation
100 g melted butter
100 g almond paste (50/50)
Whip with the whisk.
1 g salt
1 g vanilla
50 g icing sugar
10 eggs
Add and mix.
130 g flour Sieve, add and mix.
Let the mixture set in the refrigerator. Roll out strips of 50x3 cm of approximately 2.5 cm thick. Bake for 10 minutes at 180°C.

Red frosting

Ingredients Preparation
10 g gelatine
45 g water
Wet gelatine with water.
250 g milk
80 g glucose Oxyde Titane
300 g white chocolate Callebaut Select W2NV
300 g frosting mass
Red colouring (own choice)
Process into ganache and add gelatine.
Heat to 30°C to frost.

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