Orange flower (Created by Bart Van Cauwenberghe - Callebaut Ambassador Belgium)

Chocolate filling

Ingredients Preparation
400 g cream
100 g glucose
15 g camomile tea
Allow to boil.
Allow to infuse for 10 minutes, sieve and bring to the boil again.
350 g dark chocolate Callebaut Select 811NV
200 g dark chocolate Callebaut Powerful 80-20-44NV
Pour the cream-glucose mixture onto the chocolates, mix and allow to cool to 35° C.
100 g butter
50 g Cointreau
Now add the soft butter and Cointreau.

Finishing and presentation
Place a small piece of candied orange in the fondant dish and fill up the mould with the chocolate filling. Once set, close the mould with dark chocolate Callebaut Select 811NV.

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