Caipirinha Ganache Recipe for 125 pieces (= 5 double moulds) (Created by Alexandre Bourdeaux - Technical advisor - CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre, Belgium)


Ingredients Preparation
305 g whipping cream (35%)
72 g Cachaça
41 g CAPFRUIT lime puree
46 g dextrose
46 g DE60 glucose
Heat the ingredients to 40°C.
Blend in a food processor.
610 g Callebaut® dark chocolate 811NV Melt the couverture to 35°C.
81 g PF17 butteroil
Prepare Star truffle moulds by speckling them with white cocoa butter.
Then apply a mist of green cocoa butter to the moulds.
Fill the mould with Callebaut® 811NV dark chocolate.
After the chocolate has hardened, trim with ganache.

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