Raspberry macaroon (Created by Marc Ducobu - Chef and Managing Director of Patisserie Ducobu - Waterloo, Callebaut Chocolate Ambassador Belgium)

Raspberry macaroon


Ingredients Preparation
300 g egg whites
375 g sugar
750 g ground almond mix (50% finely ground almonds/50% sugar)
Red colouring
Add mix in well.
Spread on a baking sheet.

Leave to form a crust and bake for 15 mins at 160°C.

Crème patissière with Kumabo chocolate

Ingredients Preparation
900 g milk
100 g whipping cream
200 g sugar
200 g egg yolks
70 g cornflour
Work into a crème patissière.
Leave to cool.
100 g dark chocolate Callebaut Finest Selection Kumabo Add.

Raspberry jam

Ingredients Preparation
200 g raspberry pulp
200 g sugar
60 g glucose
Bring to the boil.
15 g sugar
1 g pectin (for the jam)
Cook for 3 mins.

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