Raspberry (Created by Marc Ducobu - Callebaut Chocolate Ambassador Belgium)

Grenade Chocolate Mousse

Ingredients Preparation
560g of egg yolk
1,000g of syrup
1,800g Callebaut Origine Grenade
3,500g of fresh cream
Melt the Grenade chocolate. Boil the syrup, pour it on to the egg yolks and cook it to make a bomb paste. Beat the fresh cream, and then divide into equal portions Grenade chocolate, bomb paste, fresh cream.

Raspberry jelly

Ingredients Preparation
200g of raspberry pulp
10g of syrup
10g of raspberry liqueur
5g of gelatine
15 peppermill turns
Soak the gelatine and then melt it. Make a mixture of the raspberry pulp, syrup gelatine, raspberry liqueur and the pepper.

Flourless biscuit

Ingredients Preparation
133g of Parisian broyage (a mixture of 50% crushed almonds and 50% sugar)
100g of cocoa powder
500g of egg white
500g of egg yolks
400g of confectioner's sugar
Heat the egg yolks in a microwave oven till about 37° and beat them. Beat the egg whites and bind with the sugar. Then mix the egg yolks, broyage, and cocoa powder by hand. Scoop the egg white through the mixture. 5 trays in a ventilated oven at 200°C.

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