Opera cake with pecans (Created by: Alexandre Bourdeaux, Technical Advisor Callebaut® at the CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre in Belgium)

Almond sponge cake

Ingredients Preparation
450 g almond powder
60 g flour
410 g eggs
Mix together.
220 g egg whites
40 g sugar
Mix and fold in carefully.
65 g butter Mix in.
Spread on 2 baking plates of 40 x 60 cm. Bake 7-8 minutes at 220°C.

Pecan flavoured butter cream

Ingredients Preparation
390 g whole milk
120 g sugar
1 g vanilla
240 g egg yolks
120 g sugar
250 g lightly roasted pure pecan paste
Prepare a crème anglaise in the blender.
Leave to cool to 40°C.
750 g softened butter Mix in.
150 g Italian meringue Fold in with a spatula.

Orange syrup

Ingredients Preparation
200 g orange juice
200 g syrup 30°B
50 g Cointreau
Mix together.


Ingredients Preparation
600 g milk
100 g cream
Boil together.
675 g Callebaut® 70-30-38NV Pour the milk onto the chocolate and emulsify.
180 g butter Mix in at 35°C.

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