Génoise sponge, almonds and crunchy apple (Created by: Alexandre Bourdeaux, Technical Advisor Callebaut® at the CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre in Belgium)

Génoise sponge

Ingredients Preparation
100 g butter
1 vanilla pod
Heat the butter and colour it until golden brown
(beurre noisette). Infuse with the vanilla. Leave to cool.
160 g pure roasted almond paste Callebaut® NPN-AL2B-T61 Mix the butter in the almond paste.
250 g eggs
160 g sugar
Mix together and mix in.
265 g flour
7 g yeast powder
Sieve and add to the mixture.
Pour into a silicon mould (individual cake) and top with the crunchy apples.
Bake 15 minutes at 175°C.

Crunchy apples

Ingredients Preparation
350 g apples Dice the apples.
250 g almond bresilienne Callebaut® NAN-CR-AL3724-T66
50 g candied sugar
20 g liquid butter
Mix them with the rest of the ingredients.

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