Chocolate millefeuille (Created by Marc Ducobu - Chef and Managing Director of Patisserie Ducobu - Waterloo Callebaut Chocolate Ambassador Belgium)

Chocolate millefeuille

Puff pastry

Ingredients Preparation
500 g flour
10 g salt
50 g butter
225 g water
Mix together.
400 g butter Spread over each layer of pastry (6x).
Spread onto a 40 x 60 cm baking sheet.

Chocolate flavoured whipped cream

Ingredients Preparation
500 g whipping cream Whip.
50 g dark chocolate Callebaut Finest Selection Fortina Add.


Ingredients Preparation
32 g milk
78 g butter
32 g glucose
Bring to the boil.
92 g sugar
2 g pectin (for baking)
Fold in.
187 g chopped almonds
8 g cocoa powder Callebaut CP
Spread over two baking sheets.

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