Chocolate and Coffee Cupcake (Created by Beverley Dunkley – Head of CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre United Kingdom & Julie Sharp - Technical and development Chef - CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre United Kingdom)

Cake Base

Ingredients Preparation
200 g margarine
200 g brown caster sugar
Cream together.
200 g whole eggs Beat together.
Add gradually to creamed margarine and sugar with a little sieved flour.
175 g self-raising flour
25 g Callebaut® cocoa powder CP
Sieve together.
Fold in remaining dry ingredients.
1 tsp coffee
2 tbsp boiling water
Dissolve together and cool.
Add to cake mixture.
Pipe into 20 cupcake cases.
Bake 20-25min. at 180°C.
Leave to cool.

Tip: To keep the chocolate cupcake moist, soak the top of the cake with stock syrup (50% sugar and water boiled together), which can be flavoured with coffee or
Tia Maria. Pipe a bulb of aerated Moccha Tintoretto in the centre and 5 to 6 smaller bulbs around the edge of each cupcake using a plain nozzle. Position a Callebaut® Dark Chocolate Shaving (ref: CHD-SV-8-W43) on top of each cupcake at an angle. Sprinkle with additional shavings.