Choco-tartelette (Created by: alexandre Bourdeaux, Technical advisor Callebaut® at the Chocolate academy in Belgium)


Ingredients Preparation
900 g flour
100 g cocoa powder Callebaut® CP
6 g salt
600 g butter (diced)
Mix and briefly knead.
250 g icing sugar
70 g eggs
Mix in.
Leave to rest in the fridge overnight. roll out and line into pastry moulds of 8 cm Ø and bake off.


Ingredients Preparation
150 g Callebaut® Creme dell’artigiano nocciola N05-OH40
30 g roasted hazelnut pieces Callebaut® NUN-PI-HA213-U11
Heat the crème until fluid and mix with the nuts.
Pipe into the pastry crusts and finish.

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