Black Forest (Created by Alexandre Bourdeaux - Technical advisor - CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Belgium)

Almond and chocolate sponge cake

Ingredients Preparation
150 g dark chocolate Callebaut Strong 70-30-38NV Melt to 50°C.
180 g almond paste
160 g egg yolks
Process in a food mixer with a beater adding the egg yolks a bit at a time.
300 g egg whites
220 g granulated sugar
Beat with the sugar until stiff.
Mix the chocolate into the almond paste mixture and delicately fold in the egg whites. Pour in baking circles of 4 cm high (fill ¾ full) and bake at 170°C for approximately 30 minutes.

Whipped cream with Kirsh

Ingredients Preparation
800 g cream 35%
130 g castor sugar
10 cl Kirsch

Finishing and presentation
When the sponge cake has cooled down, cut into three equal pieces and place a circle of the sponge cake in the bottom, drench in the Kirsch syrup, arrange a crown of Kirsch whipped cream and finish with cherries. Repeat this operation and place in the freezer for a few moments.

Remove the pastry from the mould and cover with chocolate shavings.