White chocolate & strawberry lolly (for ± 30-35 pieces) (Created by Philippe Vancayseele - Technical advisor - CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Belgium)

Strawberry ganache

Ingredients Preparation
40 g cream
100 g strawberry puree
20 g sorbitol
Bring to the boil.
220 g white chocolate Callebaut Velvet CHWR2241NV
15 g
Pour the strawberry/cream mixture on the chocolate and Mycryo® and mix well.
30 g butter Add at 30°C. Mix until smooth. Leave to cool until the mixture can be piped.
Fill up pre-moulded semi spheres. Refrigerate. After unmoulding, make a hole in the bottom and push a stick through. Dip halfway into white chocolate Callebaut Velvet CHW-R2241NV and decorate with freeze-dried, broken strawberries.

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