Choco’bar (Created by: alexandre Bourdeaux, Technical advisor Callebaut® at the Chocolate academy in Belgium)

Choco filling

Ingredients Preparation
200 g Callebaut® Creme dell’artigiano Fondente N16-OH40
125 g Milk Chocolate Callebaut® 823NV
30 g butter oil
90 g Biscuit crunch pailleté feuilletine Callebaut® M-7PAIL
Melt the chocolate and mix with all ingredients into a homogenous paste.


Ingredients Preparation
Callebaut® Caramel Fill FWF-Z2Cara
1 g salt


Ingredients Preparation
Dark chocolate Callebaut® 70-30-38 (tempered) Mould into cup shapes.
Pipe the caramel on the bottom of the cups. Pipe a layer of the Creme dell’Artigianopailleté feuilletine mix on top. Finish with a thin layer of pure Creme dell’artigiano Fondente. Finish with a milk chocolate plate and nuts, fruits, etc.

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