Langoustines with Brussels chicory in Ecuador chocolate (Created by Lieven Lootens, Restaurant 't Aards Paradijs - Callebaut Ambassador Belgium)

Ingredients Preparation
1 g gelatine
2 g agar agar
50 cl tea with Sencha / ginger / Angelica
1 shortbread pastry base 0.5 cm
3 heads of Brussels chicory
Dark chocolate Callebaut Origine Ecuador
6 langoustines

Callebaut Cocoa nibs
Fleur de sel
5 cl grape seed oil
2 g soya lecithin
Exotic mix
Soak the gelatine in cold water.
Stir the agar in 20 cl tea, heat and add the gelatine to it.
Tip over the shortbread pastry, allow to cool and divide into jelly biscuits.
Stew the chicory in butter and water and glaze in a dry pan with small pieces of chocolate.
Turn the langoustines in Mycryo®, fry for a short time in the pan and season to taste with some cocoa nibs and Fleur de sel. Mix the remaining tea with the grape seed oil and soya lecithin.
Whip up until slightly cloudy, preferably using a small pump.
Dress the trays and flavour at the table with the exotic mix.

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