Fried sole fillet (Created by Robrecht Wolters )

Ingredients Preparation
2 soles of 3/kg (3 soles per kg) Fillet the soles, remove the bones from the fillets, wash the fillets, dab them and keep fresh.
a bunch of green asparagus Blanch the green asparagus and mange-touts separately in salted water, rinse with cold water.
Half a bunch of flat parsley Rinse the parsley and finely chop the leaves.
50g Mycryo
2 spoons of old balsamic
100g mange-touts
Melt 30g of Mycryo butter on a low heat. Mix with the balsamic, season with salt and pepper and keep at a lukewarm temperature.
Sprinkle half of the remaining Mycryo butter over the vegetables and warm them on a moderate heat, sprinkle with the chopped

Finishing and presentation
Spread the vegetables over warm plates, add the sole fillets and decorate with the vinaigrette.