Italian Coffee Ice Cream with Meringue (Created by Kristof Coppens - Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe Belgium)


Ingredients Preparation
150g fresh egg whites Beat up.
300g cooking sugar Add. Continue beating until you obtain a smooth meringue.
Pipe meringue towers onto greaseproof paper. Leave for 8 to 15 hrs (depending on the size of the towers). Dry in the oven at 65°C until completely dry throughout.

Finishing meringue towers

Ingredients Preparation
50g Dark Chocolate Callebaut Strong 70-30-38NV
30g Cocoa butter CB
Melt together. Put the mixture into a spray gun. Spray the dried meringue with the chocolate (with the spray gun and compressor).

Ice cream

Ingredients Preparation
500 ml milk Bring to the boil.
6 egg yolks
400g granulated sugar
Beat together until stiff. Add the milk stirring continually. Return to the heat and continue stirring until it thickens. Cool immediately in an ice bath so that the cream doesn't curdle.
1 teaspoon of coffee
2 spoons of Amaretto
50g fresh whipped cream
Add and turn in an ice cream machine.
2 dessertspoons Callebaut splitters Add evenly while turning. Keep in the freezer at -10°C (not colder) for maximum 2 days.

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