Ice lollies with bottled cherries (Created by Kristof Coppens - Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe Belgium)

Basic recipe ice cream

Ingredients Preparation
500 ml milk Bring to the boil.
250g preserved cherries Blend using a fine blade.
8 egg yolks Beat up with the cherries until stiff. Continue stirring and add the boiling milk. Return to the heat and thicken while stirring. Cool in a bath of iced water.
500 ml cream Add the semi-whipped cream and turn in the ice cream maker.
Keep in the freezer at -22°C for 2 days. Scoop out attractive balls of cherry ice cream.


Ingredients Preparation
20 preserved cherries
Roll the balls in Brésilienne, insert a stick and keep in the freezer. Serve on chilled plates and decorate with Brésilienne and cherries.

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