Hot & Spicy Chocolate Macchiato (Created by Peter Hernou - World Champion Latte Art)

Ingredients Preparation
1.8 dl of whole milk Heat the milk with the steamer until frothy (72°C).
4 cl whisky Heat the whisky, pour in the glass and flambé. Pour the milk on top and fill to the top.
Fresh coffee beans
½ teaspoon of piri-piri
Grind the coffee and add some piri-piri to it in the portafilter. Make an espresso with this spiced coffee. Pour the coffee in the glass gently in the middle of the glass to create a layering effect.
1 sachet of Callebaut® Finest Belgian Hot Chocolate DARK Pour the content of the sachet of Finest Belgian Hot Chocolate in the glass.
Stir well.

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