Toi et moi (Created by Alexandre Bourdeaux -Technical Advisor - CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Belgium)

French meringue

Ingredients Preparation
100 g egg whites
100 g caster sugar
80 g icing sugar
Make a meringue mix, arrange individual meringue mounds and dry in the oven.

Chocolate ice cream

Ingredients Preparation
1000 g milk
87.5 g egg yolks
87.5 g granulated sugar S2
75 g 22/24 cocoa
30 g glucose
Make up a custard mix.
190 g S2 (mix with cocoa)
135 g 70-30-38NV
Add cocoa sugar mix and pour over the chocolate. Blend.

Raspberry sorbet

Ingredients Preparation
1000 g raspberry purée Boiron
90 g atomised glucose
40 g inverted sugar
300 g sugar
450 g water
Combine the atomised glucose with the sugar. Make a syrup with the 4 last ingredients. Pour over the raspberry purée and turn in the ice cream machine.

Chantilly cream with red berries and currants

Ingredients Preparation
100 g purée of red berries and currants
3 g cornflour
40 g sugar
Boil the fruit purée with the cornflour and sugar. Cool.
350 g cream Add. Beat with a whisk. Place in the fridge and scoop.

Chocolate Chantilly cream

Ingredients Preparation
100 g Origine chocolate Grenade
250 g whipped cream
Melt the chocolate at 50°C. Add some of the whipped cream with a whisk. Fold in the remainder gently with a spatula. Place in the fridge and scoop.

Finishing and presentation:
Fill a small cube of fondant chocolate with ice cream and insert an individual meringue mound to make the vacherin. Spray the cube with a 50/50 cocoa butter chocolate mixture.
Fill a small cube of white chocolate with the raspberry sorbet. Add the meringue and spray the cube in a red colour (use red cocoa butter from PCB).
On a double plate, pour Callebaut Red fruit topping on one side and Callebaut Dark chocolate flavour topping on the other. Place a cube on each side, decorate with a scoop of Chantilly cream with red berries and currants on the dark cube and with a scoop of Chocolate Chantilly cream on the white cube.

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