So chocolate moelleux (for 40 portions) (Created by Alexandre Bourdeaux - Technical advisor - CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Belgium)

Chocolate centres

Ingredients Preparation
Melted dark chocolate Callebaut Powerful 80% 80-20-44NV Pour into Flexipan moulds of ± 2 cm Ø and leave to harden.


Ingredients Preparation
225 g sugar
450 g eggs
170 g egg yolks
Beat into a white, creamy ribbon.
450 g melted dark chocolate Callebaut Power 80
350 g melted butter
Mix in.
145 g sifted flour Fold in carefully.
Fill the moulds with the moelleux batter and push a chocolate centre into the heart.
Leave to rest in the refrigerator or store in the freezer. Bake at 180°C for 10-15 minutes depending on the size.

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