Planet Plantation (Created by Annemie Van Trimpont - Callebaut Ambassador Belgium and Patrick Aubrion - Technical advisor - CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre, Belgium)


Edible chocolate earth

Ingredients Preparation
200 g Callebaut cocoa nibs NIB-S
50 g sugar
Caramelize together.
Blend shortly.
4 g fresh bergamot zest
50 g cocoa flavoured shortcrust
Mix in roughly with the blender.

Chocolate mousse

Ingredients Preparation
3 L of cream (40%) Beat up until ¾ stiff.
600 g egg yolks
450 g sugar
Beat into a ruban.
1000 g Callebaut Finest Belgian Chocolate recipe n°811
100 g powdered cocoa butter Callebaut Mycryo®
Melt chocolate and cocoa butter together.
Then add to egg yolk mixture and fold in carefully.
Fold in this mixture into the cream.
1000 g egg white
500 g sugar
Beat into Italian meringue.
Fold in last.

Passion-Yuzu crémeux

Ingredients Preparation
120 g passion fruit pulp
230 g yuzu pulp
120 g sugar
165 g egg yolk
Heat under continuous beating.
Beat into sabayon.
7 g gelatin powder Add to the previous mixture and mix in.
Leave to cool until 32°C.
30 drops of bergamot extract Mix in.
350 g cream 35% Beat up until half stiff.
Mix in the fruit-cream mixture.

Plantation juice

Ingredients Preparation
500 g apple juice
500 g cucumber juice
200 g lime juice
Mix together.
1 L water
500 g sugar
Lemon grass
Lemon zest
Lime zest
Heat together until 85°C and leave to infuse.
Sieve and leave to cool.
Mix the previous juice with 150 of this syrup and store in the fridge.

Pipe a layer of Passion-Yuzu crémeux on a plate. Cover with a layer of chocolate mousse. Plant in a shoot of East Indian Cress. Sprinkle edible chocolate earth on top. Water just before serving with plantation juice.