Carrot and orange sorbet with Kumabo chocolate (Created by Lieven Lootens, Restaurant 't Aards Paradijs - Callebaut Ambassador Belgium)


Ingredients Preparation
100 g carrot
100 g orange
20 g sugar
1 g cardamom
Pinch of salt
10 g dextrose
10 g glucose
Steam the baby carrots, add the other ingredients, freeze and make into a sorbet in the Pacojet.

Kumabo chocolate sponge

Ingredients Preparation
20 g water
30 g sugar
75 g dark chocolate Callebaut Finest Selection Kumabo
50 g flour
3 eggs
2 egg whites
Heat the water, and dissolve the sugar and chocolate in it. Then add the flour, the eggs and the egg whites.
Pour into a pressurized bottle, a rubber pipe or plastic mould and finish in the microwave oven for
45 seconds.

Kumabo ganache

Ingredients Preparation
20 cl cream
30 g dark chocolate Callebaut Finest Selection Kumabo
Boil the cream and melt the chocolate in it. Keep in the piping bag.

Finishing and presentation

  • 20 cl infusion of flowers
  • Mixture of petals
  • Fruit jelly
  • Caramelised, dried carrot chips 

Pipe the ganache and fruit jelly droplets onto trays. Arrange the petals on top. Place the chocolate sponge in the middle with a quenelle of sorbet on top. Finish off with the caramelised carrot and pour the lightly warmed infusion of flowers around the content.