Your customers will appreciate their taste of real fruit, caramel or chocolate. And you’ll appreciate the quality and convenience they offer. Callebaut’s new toppings are rich in natural and noble ingredients and therefore taste like home made. In their 1 kg bottles they are ready for serving hot or cool. Furthermore, they allow easy dosing and serving with great precision. Just perfect to give your desserts your personal signature!


Description Name Ref. Packaging
Topping with a distinct dark chocolate flavour - for warm and cold use Dark Chocolate Flavour Topping TOD-6022 Bottle 1 kg
Topping with true caramel - for warm and cold use Caramel Topping TOF-6042CARA
Topping with red currants and raspberries - for warm and cold use Red Fruit Topping TOF-60004RF

Shelf life: in a closed packaging 14 months / once opened 4 weeks if stored in the fridge / 2 weeks if stored at ambient temperature

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