• We select the highest quality nuts from crops all over the world

  • The nuts are picked immediately when they Are ripe

  • When they are full of fresh taste

  • The nuts are stored in their shells in the best conditions

  • to preserve their natural properties

  • only hours after shelling,

  • the nuts are shortly roasted to awaken their delicate aromas

  • they are immediately vacuum-packed to keep them guaranteed fresh

  • the results are superior nut products

  • with the fresh nut taste

The fresh nut taste

Callebaut® selects only the finest quality nuts from the best orchards all over the world. The nuts are picked at the right moment when ripe and stored in ideal conditions in their shells to preserve the great taste, freshness and their natural properties.

In only 12 hours after shelling, we briefly roast the nuts to keep the delicate aromas and instantly vacuum-pack them to guarantee absolute freshness. For our croquants and pralines, the nuts are caramelized, ground and conched before packing.

The results are great nut products with a unique fresh and natural taste.

Thanks to the unique combination of flavours and textures, nuts are a real indulgence and stimulate the taste experience. Almonds and hazelnuts are the worldwide favourites, whereas pecan, pistachio and other nuts drive taste innovations. Whether you choose crisp whole nuts and broken nuts, crunchy brésilienne and caramelised croquants or the creaminess of pure nut paste and pralines… each nut product gives your creations a great taste and texture.

Food professionals are excited about the great flavours and textures and 100% natural character of nuts. But in addition to the inspiring possibilities, they also expect consistent quality and absolute freshness. Thanks to the minimal processing and vacuum-packing in merely 12 hours after shelling, Callebaut® guarantees the best nut products food professionals can rely on.

More than 80% of food professionals say:

• Nuts are the key ingredient in my preferred recipes
• Nuts help me to differentiate my offering
• Nuts help me innovate with textures and flavours

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