Callebaut® selects only the best almonds from all over the world. The nuts are picked at exactly the right moment, when they have reached the perfect ripeness, and stored in the best conditions. According to the application, the almonds are minimally processed and packed in only 12 hours after shelling. In this way Callebaut® constantly guarantees quality and the freshest nut taste in its pure, roasted and blanched almonds. Whether whole, pieces or processed in paste or praline, our almond products offer you a wide variety of applications.


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Description Name Click to enlarge Ref. % nuts Packaging
Medium roasted blanched almonds (without skin)
Roasted & blanched whole almonds
100% almonds 5 kg vacuum bag

Pale creamy-golden colour

Crunchy bite with fresh almond taste and subtle roasted flavours

ice cream: inclusion
baked products: inclusion
pastry: decoration
confectionery: interior, decoration
desserts: decoration

Praline from medium roasted almonds
Almond Praline
46.5% almonds 5 kg bucket

Pale golden brown

Sweet roasted almond taste

ice cream: flavouring
bakery products: flavouring
pastry: flavouring of interior
confectionery: filling
desserts: flavouring

Caramelised and roasted almond pieces (without skin)
Almond Bresilienne
37% almonds 1 kg vacuum bag

Golden brown

Crunchy bite with fruity almond taste and subtle roasted hints

ice cream: inclusion, decoration
bakery products: inclusion, decoration
pastry: flavouring of interior, decoration
confectionery: inclusion, decoration
desserts: inclusion, decoration

Shelf life : Whole nuts and pieces 9 months after production date / Paste 12 months after production date / Bake stable cream 12 months after production date

The premium almonds Callebaut® uses in its wide range of nut products are sourced from carefully selected orchards in the USA and Spain. In the USA, production is concentrated in California where almonds are the third leading agricultural product. For its Spanish almonds, Callebaut® mainly chooses the Marcona variety with its unique kernel that is short, round, relatively sweet and delicate in texture.

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